Dredge My Pipe

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As the heir of a Sino-British financial conglomerate, living in the most upscale urban mansion, Li Yingjie faced a major crisis on a stormy night—his bathroom was flooded!

By chance, he dialed the number on a small advertisement pamphlet, and what arrived at his doorstep was an unexpected surprise–

“Did you need plumbing service, sir?”

When he saw that youthful face and the alluring figure clad in a plumber’s uniform, a “gentle” smile appeared on the man’s face. “My ‘pipes’ seem to be clogged. Would you mind helping me ‘unclog’ them?”

“No problem, leave it to me!”

Facing the handsome man with the air of a British gentleman, the unguarded Wang Xiang had no idea that he was about to encounter the most significant “chastity crisis” of his life!

A “Special Delivery” series is about to unfold with passion!