NOTE: If you’re an ORIGINAL AUTHOR, please reach out to Haobo directly! He is currently looking for new authors to promote and nurture on the site! (We are very interested in original authors!)

Looking For Translators, Authors, and Editors (No Experience Needed!)

Are you looking to earn a little money on the side?

Is there a novel that you really want translated?

Want to pay off your student loans? Make new friends? Join a vibrant community?

Unlike most other translation websites, we offer a profit share to all of our translators. For our casual translators, you can translate as much or as little as you like. Be your own boss. Experienced or inexperienced, take this valuable chance to join our team!

—Anyone is welcome to join, training can be provided~!



  • Lock chapters whenever you want and earn 75% profit share on all unlocks! Earn up to $100+ a month! The more you post, the more you earn. Post your chapters in an already establish audience, with guaranteed income!
  • Generous profit share on Ads shown on your novel, generate income just from people reading your translations! Free readers? Get paid.
  • Plug your own Ko-fi/Patreon
  • Join an extensive community and participate in community events. Interact with other members of staff and enjoy some fun time relaxing and gaming with other friendly people~!


  • Translate novels from the original language into English, ensuring the translation is accurate and true to the original work.
  • Maintain the original style and tone of the text, while making necessary adaptations to ensure it is accessible to an English-speaking audience.
  • Work closely with editors and proofreaders to ensure the translation is of the highest quality!
  • Research cultural and linguistic nuances to ensure the translation is culturally sensitive and accurate.

Things to note:

  • CN/KR/JP Translators / MTLers are welcome.
  • You don’t need to have prior experience.
  • You make your own schedule.
  • Should be fluent in English.
  • We accept MTL as long as it is properly edited.

If you already have an existing series on your own site, we will help you move it over!

Contact me on Discord at @thehaobospatula if you’re interested.