Sorry, I’m a Straight Girl

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In each video, Gu Yihuan couldn’t help but wonder, on a pornography website where male viewers make up 70% of the audience, how come her fans are either lesbians or fans of gay romance novels?

Her fans encouraged her to connect with a female streamer on the same platform who was rumored to have 99.9% male fans, to figure out where the problem lies.

After a long wait, just as the connection was about to automatically disconnect, the other end reluctantly accepted. Before she could even say hello, she heard the other person hesitantly and politely, yet awkwardly, speak up:

“I’m sorry… I’m straight.”


Huh? As if anyone here isn’t straight!

The live streaming platform’s new feature for connecting with others had just launched, and the first invitation Lu Yue received was from none other than Gu Yihuan, who was known as the “Same-Sex Magnet” due to her attracting male fans. Lu Yue hesitated for a while, wondering if accepting would upset her own male fans. But she ended up accepting, seeing the enthusiastic responses from her audience filling the screen!

Well, isn’t this a bit awkward?

A seemingly innocent girl who’s surprisingly good at charming men, attracting a bunch of Yuri fans for the glamorous mature lady.”